Love Burn ended 86 days ago. If you'd like to explore joining us for the next one, please join our mailing list to receive announcements.

We haven't been placed yet, but we are requesting to be placed On the grass near the Beach.
Jan 26-29 in Miami, FL at Virginia Key Beach Park. Gates open: Friday the 26th at 9:00 am Weather
Early Arrival/Camp Build dates: Tuesday the 23rd at 10:00 am to Thursday the 25th at 8:00 pm
Tickets are on sale now. Get your tickets here before they sell out!
You may also be able to get tickets in this facebook group.

Event Details

We gather as an intentional community in this temporary autonomous zone of Love Burn to celebrate Transformational Interactions.
Specifically, we love Contact Improvisation Dance, Acro Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Tai Chi, Massage, Hugs, Steam Baths.
To this end, we have acquired a lot of infrastructure and best practices over the years to allow us to offer our deepest gifts with ease while also providing a rocking comfy-ass camp and grand kitchen where one can create nourishing, enlivening, seductive meals for Breakfast and Dinner.
Camp Contact is hallowed ground from the physical of domes and shade, to the emotional caring, respect and acceptance, to the spiritual, aestetic, and ecstatic.  We seek community members who are "all in" to cast this space.
We need help building the Camp Contact zone, as well as taking it down. At Love Burn we set up two domes, A 10' x 20' massage space, a 10' x 20' body painting space, a 15 person Steam Bath, and kitchen large enough to feed 60 people, as well as our tents and personal spaces.

We are specifically committed to ensuring the emotional and spiritual well-being of our camp mates, and are dedicated to checking in with them, celebrating community, naming desires.   Consent in our interactions is key.  We honor consent, verbally offering gifts and revering declines of those gifts when they come, demanding a "Hell Yes" from the other when considering any edgy interaction, and celebrating others for taking care of themselves when they decline offerings.  

We are a Leave No Trace Camp with a Leave No Trace Kitchen.  When we see moop, we clean it up or bring it to our lost and found.
We teach classes starting at 9am through 6pm each day, and often have night dance / acro events.
We also ask for a contribution of $50-70, sliding scale, as you can afford it. to support this infrastructure and also to cover food expenses.  If you are bringing your own food, please take $25 off of this amount. Further, we ask that you sign up to help cook or clean up after one of the meals (Breakfast or Dinner).  If this contribution is a challenge, be in touch, we value including all members of our community and we may have a work study position available.
Underpants Yoga

Getting There

Virginia Key Beach Park is a 20 minute taxi ride from the Miami International Airport, and likely you can share the cost and ride with fellow burners flying in and going to Love Burn. Alternatively, some people are driving, and others are taking the Auto Train down.   Further, there is a truck taking bins and other burner goodies from and and then back to Washington, DC, so you don't have to worry about checking luggage.  You can coordinate rides within Camp Contact on our rideboard, or within the DC area on the Snowbirds Spreadsheet and Facebook Group.  Once you're in the Snowbirds Facebook Group you can find the link to their spreadsheet.

We are planning to build two domes (one for a cuddle/lounge area, and one for Yoga/Acro/Contact/Ecstatic Dance/Tai Chi) as well as the rest of the standard infrastructure, and so we'd love to have you join us early to build the camp.  We can get early arrival passes for you to come early.  The trailer will arrive on Tueday afternoon; You're welcome to arrive as early as Tuesday Morning. We'll start doing formal meals as of Wednesday Breakfast.  If you already know your travel plans, please add details on our rides list, even if you don't have room in your vehicle, and include who else is riding with you from camp.  We'll be staying until the following Tuesday morning, spending Monday breaking down and decompressing, please join us!


Pods Within Our Camp

Pods are "sub-camps" of a main camp, typically based around a practice or area of interest or geographical area. If you would like to create a new pod for this event, please contact the camp organizer, listed on the staff page.     Show list of pods only

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